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Business Law Disputes


Resolving BUSINESS LAW DisputeS

Business Litigation

Resolving Business DisputeS

Virtually any business transaction can have serious financial implications.

If you have a claim to make - or if a claim has been made against you I offer a no charge initial consultation to help you decide the best course of cation for your business or company.

Frederick Hawa has more then 30 years of experience in a variety of corporate litigation involving numerous jurisdictions.

  • Enforcing Contracts

  • Customers failing to pay for goods or services

  • Vendors failing to deliver products, delivering wrong products, or delivering defective

  • Insurance companies refusing to cover losses

  • Theft of proprietary information by former employees

  • Partnership of shareholder disputes

  • Landlord-Tenant dispute

  • Employment and wage disputes

  • Breach of contract actions

  • Breach of Employment contracts and non-compete agreements

  • Vendor or customer disputes

  • Real Estate disputes

Business Torts

Has another company or individual interfered in your business relationships?

Willful and intentional acts of interference with contracts and business relationships .

Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes can involve the following issues:

  1. Breach of fiduciary duty claims (see below)

  2. Breach of contract claims

  3. Covenants not to compete

  4. Fraud claim

Has your business been a victim of fraud? Have you been accused of fraud? generally, the elements of a fraud claim are as follow:

  1. Material misrepresentation

  2. That was false

  3. The defendant either knew it was false or made the representation recklessly

  4. The representation was made and was relied upon

  5. The other party did indeed rely upon the representation; and

  6. The other party suffered damages as a result


A company’s board and officers are held to HIGH standards. fiduciary relationships are found as matter of law - such as the lawyer/CLIENT relationship or a partnership - and others arise based upon the facts. Once a fiduciary relationsHIP IS established, the fiduciary has the following duties in relation to the other party:

  1. Competence

  2. A duty to exercise reasonable discretion

  3. A duty of loyalty, and

  4. A duty of full disclosure

IF you feel that your company (or you) has been the victim of breaches of fiduciary duty by a partner or corporate officer, call me today to discuss how we can remedy such a breach

Breach 0f Fiduciary Duties

If your company has an employee who has left you company and is now competing in violation OF A NON COMPETE AGREEMENT you should act quickly to preserve your rights and prevent the violation.

Covenants Not to Compete

Trade Secret Disputes

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